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Internal auditing is an independent,objective assurance and consulting activity that strengthens and protects organisations.

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Internal auditors support achievement of organisation objectives with pragmatic insights that strengthen governance and improve business processes. We strive to make a positive difference from the boardroom to the front line, which maintains trust and confidence in the organisation.

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What's your potential? Rise to the call of reaching your potential by launching an internal audit career right here in New Zealand. Are you starting out in your career or getting ready to rise and side-step, taking your skills to a new challenge? Your journey into internal audit starts here with IIA NZ.

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Feel Guilty About Not Answering That Weekend Email? Don't.

Some people feel guilty if they take time for themselves or ignore after-hours work emails, but career coach Anna Vogel says companies and employees both benefit from clear expectations. "How (and what time) you re-charge and rest is very individual, the most important thing is that we get it in one way or another," says Vogel.

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