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Internal auditing is an independent,objective assurance and consulting activity that strengthens and protects organisations.

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Internal auditors support achievement of organisation objectives with pragmatic insights that strengthen governance and improve business processes. We strive to make a positive difference from the boardroom to the front line, which maintains trust and confidence in the organisation.

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IIA NZ Library resources are available to members for loan free of charge. Members can borrow up to three books for six weeks. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact the office with your inquiry.

10 Key Techniques to Improve Team Productivity: A guide to developing your teams full potential

Author: Hernan Murdock, DBA, CIA.

For Internal Auditors who work with and lead teams. 

Keywords: motivation, communication, development and assessment.

A New Auditors Guide to Planning, Performing and Presenting IT Audits

Authors: Nelson Gibbs, Divakar Jain, Amitesh Joshi, Surekha Muddamsetti, Sarabjot Singh.

For Auditors looking at IT concepts which can be applied in a variety of environments. Based on IIA, ISACA and COSO guides and standards.

Keywords: Networks, operating systems, databases and applications.

Audit Committee Effectiveness:What works best 4th Edition

Authors: Catherine L. Bromilow, CPA and Donald P. Keller, CPA.

Provides insight into audit committee effectiveness in the wake of the global financial crisis from governance to processes.

Keywords: Best practice, financial reporting, financial reporting and committee members.

Audit Committee Reporting: A Guide for Internal Auditing

Author: Sally F. Cutler

A valuable resource covering audit planning, tracking, researching, operations and reporting along with explanations of strategies and examples.

Keywords: Reporting, auditing, planning, operations.

Auditing Compensation and Benefit Programs

Author: Kelli W. Vito, SPHR, CCP.

An insightful books outlining best practices and risked when administering compensation and benefit programs. It offers samples and checklists and control matrices.

Keywords: Administration, salary, benefits, compliance, human resource management.

Auditing Employee Hiring and Staffing

Author: Kelli W. Vito, SPHR, CCP

Addresses internal risks and problems associated with workforce planning, recruitment, integration and retention of employees.

Keywords: Recruitment, budget, compliance, workforce.

Auditing Employee Management

Author: Kelli W. Vito, SPHR, CCP.

Discusses and offers tangible insight into the audit risk, program development, HR policies, safety, security and more of auditing employee management.

Keywords: Employment, bargaining, training, policies, management.

Auditing Human Resource, 2nd Edition

Author: Kelli W. Vito, SPHR, CCP.

Described as an essential resource, this book delivers practical and technical operatives for the audit function to align HR functions to organisational goals and maintain legal compliance.

Keywords: Compliance, HR, training, development.

Auditing International Entities Handbook

Author: David O'Regan

Handbook discusses the risk, demands and challenges of auditing entities abroad. Provides checklists and a sample audit program.

Keywords: International, auditing, risks, strategies, checklists.

Auditing Social Media: A governance and Risk Guide

Authors: Peter R. Scott and J. Mike Kacka

An exploration of compliance and risk considerations in social media along with legal issues. Discusses social media strategy and tracking.

Keywords: Social media, tracking, risk, compliance, strategy.

Auditing the Procurement Function

Author: David O'Regan, CIA, FCA

Practical guidance for private and public sector organisations managing procurement. Discusses risks, controls and planning along with strategy.

Keywords: Procurement, risks, controls, planning, guidance.

Best Practices: Evaluating Corporate Culture with CD

Author: James Roth, Phd, CIA, CCSA

Gain insight into proven soft control techniques. Learn about surveys and interview techniques for soft controls along with guidelines and evaluation tools.

Keywords: Evaluation, surveys, interview, evaluation, soft controls.

Board Effectiveness - What works best

Authors: Catherine L. Bromilow, CPA and V. Elaine Garvey, CPA.

A resource for Directors wanting to learn more around the experiences of Directors. This is a research report providing data and survey trends around how Directors approach their roles within organisations.

Keywords: Governance, trends, directors, self-assessment.

CAE Strategic Relationships Building Rapport with Executive suite

Gain knowledge from a this collection of case studies into how CAE's build relationships, develop communication and encourage internal audit respect and leadership.

Keywords: Relationship building, communication, leadership, goals, internal audit, prioritise.

CGAP Model Exam Study Questions CD

CD - Preparation study resource for members embarking on certification in Government Auditing Practice. An ideal way to progress from theoretical study to practicing the questions an exam may ask.

CGSP Study Exam Questions

Book - Preparation study resource for members embarking on certification in Government Auditing Practice. An ideal way to progress from theoretical study to practicing the questions an exam may ask.

Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Internal Auditors

Author: Joan Pastor PHD - Industrial Organisational Psychologist

Develop internal and external relationships through conflict management and negotiation skills. This book provides ideas and tips backed by real life case experiences.

Keywords: Relationship management, conflict, internal, external, management.

Construction Audit Guide: Overview monitoring and auditing

Author: Denise Cicchella, CIA, CFE

A handbook offering framework to manage risk, testing and reporting. This handbooks offers insight into how to mitigate risks and principles which can be used anytime during a project.

Keywords: Construction, reporting, testing, risks, contractors, projects.

Enterprise Risk Management


Essentials: An Internal Audit Operation Manual

Author: Archie R. Thomas, CIA, CMA, FCMA, CFE.

A resource for developing operational manuals from operating policies through to resources, staffing and quality assurance. This book offers samples to help you develop your own operations manual.

Keywords: Policies, staffing, quality, assurance, administration, audit.

Evaluating and Improving Organisational Governance

Authored by Dean Bahrman, CIA

Handbook providing fundamental principles when framing governance structures. Includes processes such as goals, risk managment, and defining objectives.

Keywords: Governance, strategy, planning, compliance, evaluation.

Four approaches to Enterprise Risk Management and Opportunities in Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance


IFRS Implementation: Best Practices for Assurance of Organisational Value

By Louis Beaubien, Phd, CMA, CGA

Provides best practice for successful financial reporting, case studies and recommendations for internal audit strategy.

Keywords: Financial, reporting, standards, transition, practice

Implementing the International Professional Practices Framework, 3rd Edition

Authors: Urton Anderson and Andrew J. Dahle

Information books offering practical ways to apply the IPPF. Outlines audit actions which conform to the standards and discusses elements of change.

Keywords: IPPF, guidance, practices, change, tools, techniques.

Improving Board Risk Oversight through Best Practices

Authors: Paul L. Walker, Ph.D., CPA William G. Shenkir, Ph.D., CPA Thomas L. Barton, Ph.D., CPA

A research report on how organisations engage boards and how internal audit improves board oversight, including best practice.

Keywords: Boards, internal audit, best practice, improvement.

Internal Auditing Assurance & Advisory with CD.

Authors: Paul J. Sobel, Urton L. Anderson, Michael J. Head, Sridhar Ramamoorti, Mark Salamasik, Cris Riddle.

A comprehensive educational resource for internal auditors which walks you through audit fundamentals and into case studies. This is an essential resource for aligning the standards with everyday practice.

Keywords: Internal audit, practice, assurance, framework, standards.

Internal Auditing: A Guide for the New Auditor, 3rd Edition September

Authors: David Galloway

A great resource for the new internal auditor. Provides an overview along with tools and techniques and discusses practicing standards.

Keywords: Internal, audit, standards, tools, resources.

Legal Services: Auditing the Process

Author: James S. Fargason, LLM, CIA, CPA, CFE

A subject specific resource for auditing legal professional services both in house and externally. The author takes you through planning, performance and reporting of this audit capability.

Keywords: Planning, resourcing, auditing, reporting, legal, services.

Managements Guide to Sarbanes-Oxley section 404

Author: Norman Marks, CPA, CRMA

A resource aligned with COSO's 2013 Internal Control - Integrated Framework. This book illustrates streamlining management process and reducing costs along with identifying controls and using technology for testing.

Keywords: Risk, management, techniques, costs, control, technology, COSO.

Minimise Costs and Increase the Value of Your Sarbanes-Oxley 204 Programme: Managements Guide to Effective Internal Controls

Author: Norman Marks, CPA, CRMA

A resource for management to provide guidance in assessing internal control over financial reporting. This resource can be used in conjunction with Sarbanes-Oxley guidance.

Keywords: Financial reporting, responsibility, efficiency, guidance, internal controls.

Performance Auditing: A Measurement Approach, 2nd Edition

Authors: Ronell B. Raaum and Stephen L. Morgan.

Performance Auditing offers the practitioner guidance for performance auditing which comply with government auditing standards. Additional bonus of guidnace for passing the Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP) exam.

Keywords: Auditing, performance, guidance, assessment, government, standards, public, private.

Powers CIA Review Part 1

Powers CIA Review 5th Edition is produced by Powers Resource Corporation. It offers guidance on CIA examination material for review

Powers CIA Review part 2

Powers CIA Review 5th Edition is produced by Powers Resource Corporation. It offers guidance on CIA examination material for review

Powers CIA Review part 4

Powers CIA Review 5th Edition is produced by Powers Resource Corporation. It offers guidance on CIA examination material for review

Professional Practices Framework


Produced by The IIA Research Foundation, this resources provides a definition of internal auditing, code of ethics and the internal standards for the professional practice of internal auditing along with practice advisories.

Public Internal Financial Control: A new Framework for Public Sector Management

Author: Alain-Gerard Cohen

A resource to aid public manager understand financial control, identify key decisions for the environment, acts as a guide for internal controls, and illustrates the difference between public law governance structures and anglo american or westminster models.

Keywords: Internal controls, financial control, systems, structure, governance administration.

QA Manual, 6th Edition with CD

A guidance resource for practical model documents and assessment tools for establishing andmaintaining quality programs conforming to International Standards for the Progessional Practice of Internal Auditing.

Keywords: Assessment, standards, practice, quality.

Sawyers Guide for Internal Auditors 6th Edition

The IIA Research Foundation -

This 6th edition is a 3-volume set, making the content more navigable for the reader, and each volume includes an index and glossary for easy reference.

Volume 1: Internal Audit Essentials
Volume 2: Internal Audit Processes and Methods
Volume 3: Governance, Risk Management, and C

Strategies for small Audit Shops 2nd edition

Author: David O'Regan

A contemporary resource for internal audit departments facing limited resources and expanding responsibility. Irrespective of your audit department size, this resource will offer you best practice.

Survey Risk Management and Mapping Process Design, Implementation and Evaluation


Sustainability and Internal Auditing


The marketing strategy


Then & Now: Expectations and Reality of Sarbanes-Oxley


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