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IIA AUS Compliance Auditing 101 – Online Classroom

29 July 2024 - 30 July 2024
10:00 am - 1:30 pm
Delivery Method

Compliance Auditing 101 - Online Classroom

Compliance auditing is typically used to evaluate whether the organisation is following external regulations; however, it can also be used at a corporate level to determine whether a subsidiary company follows the wider corporation's procedures and policies. Internal auditors should exhibit high levels of proficiency and professional due care to ensure adequate testing is performed, reducing the likelihood of failing regulatory and other stakeholders' expectations.
This course provides a comprehensive overview of key compliance auditing concepts that are fundamental for all internal auditors. This course will introduce participants to a host of common regulations - both domestic to the AUS/NZ, and globally - in addition to the controls needed to maintain compliance, and how to apply each regulation within the internal audit process.

Course objectives would be:
  • Establish the importance of compliance and compliance reporting.
  • Explore a suite of commonly encountered regulations impacting industries (focussing on data collection, data protection, breach notification and compliance reporting requirements, current proposals, and recent changes.
  • Review the suite of common risks and controls related to identifying and maintaining regulatory compliance in general.
  • Apply common techniques for performing internal audit activities against common regulatory guidelines.
  • Identify common indicators of compliance-related fraud and how to identify, validate, and report such fraud.
  • Evaluate internal audit's role in compliance.

CPE Points: 7
Knowledge Level: Entry Level/Beginner
Delivery Format: Facilitator-led training via Zoom (Note: This training program will be delivered in two 3 and a half-hour lessons, over two days using Zoom. Registrations will be strictly limited to 12 participants to allow maximum interaction in the online environment.)

IIA-Australia Online Classrooms listed on the IIA NZ website are open to all IIA NZ members and non-members. The registration for these Classrooms is through the IIA-Australia website.

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IIA NZ Members: $590.91 AUD
Duration & CPE: 2 x 3.5 Hours, 7.00 Hours

Registration Note:
The 'funds transfer registration form' can be used to register for this course. Please click the registration link above, download the form from the IIA-Australia event listing, and email it to training@iia.org.au

If you require assistance with registering, please contact training@iia.org.au

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